Why Advancing Construction?



We seek to create conferences unmatched in quality, scope, and comprehensiveness that support design and construction businesses everywhere to deliver superior projects for clients on time, on budget, on scope… every time.

We are committed to providing the essential insight and meaningful partnerships to help design and construction leaders make critical decisions that will transform their projects and services, and ultimately shape the future of the built environment and construction ecosystem.

We continually examine, investigate, and evaluate the construction world for unmet and unstructured knowledge needs to create tailor-made, structured and essential products to optimize project and business decisions that are made every day.

Across all project types and AEC services, knowledge and experience is at the heart of success, and so we are resolute in our commitment to providing the niche settings to share that knowledge and discuss experiences within specific communities to ensure evolution in every facet of the construction industry.

Our Relevance
We envision a world where construction will be a leading industry for high productivity, collaboration and trust among all stakeholders. Each event delivers unmatched quality, depth and comprehensiveness of content, benchmarking and networking opportunities.
What We Deliver
Connecting the right people and the right insights is what our products are all about. We showcase premium content shaped by real case studies and thought leadership, not just theory or vague overviews, delivered by the industry’s most experienced, qualified practitioners.
Our Impact
By uniting communities of like-minded peers, we provide the qualified networking, benchmarking and learning opportunities to support all players from client through product supplier to uncover new business opportunities that will propel the construction industry into a new age.


Get Involved

We speak to hundreds of AEC experts from across the industry every day. We would love for you to be one of them. Whether wanting to find out more about one of our conferences and how to take part, help us to identify a new conference, or partner with us, contact us and our team will be in touch!

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